Our Remembrance, LLC

Our Remembrance, LLC is a natural and holistic company that specializes in the distribution of Irish Sea Moss Gel. With our products, you have the ability to maximize all of the benefits of the Irish Sea Moss Gel by ingestion as well as applying it topically.

What is Irish Sea Moss?

Irish Sea Moss is a plant that grows in the sea similar to sea weed. This plant contains 92 of the 102 minerals that the body needs to function. It has many health benefits including but not limited to, aiding in healthy digestion, improves metabolism, regulates sleep patterns, detox’s the body, increases the strength of the heartbeat, regulates menstrual cycles, balances cholesterol levels, improves immune system, promotes healthy sexual function, provides relief from joint and muscle pain, suppresses appetite, helps with psoriasis, eczema relief, dermatitis relief, sunburn relief, and also conditions hair.

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I tried your Mango & Aloe Hydrating Soufflé on my boys hair and I love it! I’ll definitely be ordering more. Thanks again!

Brittany C.
Cincinnati, Ohio

Hey, I received your Mango & Aloe Hydrating Soufflé (hair crack) and LOVE IT!!!

Jacie F.
Nashville, Tennessee

Not to be TMI but I suffer from PCOS and the sea moss helped regulate my cycle. I’m beyond ecstatic with these changes and my journey to a healthier me!

Darnetta C.
Cincinnati, Ohio

The sea moss cleared up my sinus infection overnight!

Sarah H.
Cincinnati, Ohio